Volume 2 (1993) [Under Name- “Southeastern Journal of Legal Studies”]


To Tinkle Or Not To Tinkle: The Supreme Court Confronts The Constitutionality Of Urine Testing
by Vincent A. Carrafiello

Affirmative Action: Temporary Measure Or Permanent Solution – The Future Of Race Based Preferences In Hiring
by Le Von E. Wilson

The Toussaint Exception To Employment-At-Will: Does It Still Exist? 
by E. Clayton Hipp, Jr.

Corporate Capital Punishment? An Analysis Of The Supreme Courts Admonition Against Unbridled Jury Discretion In The Awarding Of Punitive Damages After Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co. V. HASLIP
by S. Scott Massin, Norman Michael Brothers, Jr.

Air Disasters; Cause Of Actions In International Aviation Under The Warsaw Convention; Burying The Ghost Of Komlos
by Larry Moore, J.D.

The Eco-Folly Of Public Lands Grazing, Or: My Heroes Have Always Been Subsidized Cowboys 
by: David Hoch’, Cary Heath

Arbitration Of Employment Disputes: The Confluence Of Gilmer V. Interstate Johnson Lane And The Civil Rights Act Of 1991
by EUwood F. Oakley, III

Testing Health Care Workers And Patients For AIDS/HIV: Conflicts Between State and Federal Policies
by Daphne Planto Sipes’ and Eric Sutton

Liability Of Agents Or Brokers For Placing Business With An Insolvent Insurer
by Malcolm E. Osborn, J.D., LL.M.

Confidentiality Of Medical Information: Law And The Aids Patient 
by Debra Burke’ and Francis Dare

Recent Cases Defining The Landlord’s Duty To Protect Tenants From Criminal Acts Of Third Persons
by James A. Bryant

Liability Of Employers For Employer-Provided Child Care In Georgia
by Alison Amold-Simmons

Viatical Settlements: Ghoulish Investments Or Business Opportunities?
by S. Alan Schlact, Kurt S. Schulzke

“November Spawned A Monster”- The Eleventh Circuit Wrestles With Retroactive Application Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1991
by Mary-Kathryn Zachary

Are You Treating Your Employees Like Prisoners? The Employers’ Liability For ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke)
by Christine W. Lewis, Sara J. Blis

The Taxation Of Ministers: A Not-So-Simple Problem
by J. Kent Poff, Ruth B. Jonea