Volume 1 (1992) [Under Name- “Southeastern Journal of Legal Studies”]


Contractual Arbitration And Choice Of Forum Clauses: An Answer To Limits On Title VII’s Extraterritorial Use?
by Don Mayer

U.S. Healthcare V. Blue Cross Of Greater Philadelphia: The Chilling Of The First Amendment 
by S. Scott Massin

Medical Malpractice And Tort Reform In The Southeast: It Appears To Have Worked
by Ellwood F. Oakley III, J.D.

A Preliminary Study Of Procedural Due-Process Structures In The North Carolina Private Sector
by Daniel J. Herron

From Work Injury Law To Workers’ Compensation: Contract And Human Ability
by Lester G. Lind Ley

Title VII And Gender Exclusionary Policies: A Brief History 
by Christine W. Lewis

Eco-Pornography: False Environmental Advertising And How To Control It 
by David Hoch, Robert Franz

The FTC’s Ophthalmic Practice Rule: Taking A Bow To State Sovereignty 
by Mark S. Blodgett

A Broad Approach To Takeovers, Tempered By Tyson: Tennessee’s Corporate Takeover Statute 
by Larry Moore, J.D.

Braschi And New Concepts Of The Family
by W. Joseph Joiner II

Expectancy And Liquidated Damage Clauses: Speculations On The Conflict Of Enforcement 
by S. Andrew Ostapski, Donald A Wiesner

Religious Organization Participating In Political Campaigns: Have The Limits Been Exceeded?
by Wyatt McDowell

The Fourth Amendment And Employee Drug Testing: Curbing The Right Of Privacy Without Probable Cause
by Vincent A. Carrafiello